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Nelson Bay Psychology provides services to adults, children, families and couples.


Individual Adult Therapy 

Antenatal/Postnatal Counselling

Relationship Therapy

Parenting Support

Child Therapy

Clinical Assessment 

In the case of child services, for the first appointment, the child’s parent/s or carer is required to attend alone to allow an open discussion of the concerns. Typically, the child attends the second appointment. In some cases, it is decided that it is best to work with the parent and focus on behavioural management strategies. If a child is over 16 they may attend the first appointment themselves. However, the parents may be invited to participate in a later session. It is important that we have all contact details of parents/carers of clients under 18. With therapy with children, it is expected that the parent will be very involved and will often be required to attend part of the session.

In the case of couples services, it is advisable that both members of the relationship attend the first appointment.


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